My resume

(Mr) Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
Marital status
Date of birth
22 April 1977
Place of birth
Aix-en-Provence (France)

Secondary and Higher Education

To 1995Lycée Vauvenargues, Aix-en-Provence
Baccalauréat (science series); main subjects maths and physics.
Grade obtained: Mention très bien (Excellent).
1995-1997Lycée Louis-Le-Grand, Paris. MPSI and MP* (Intensive preparation for competitive entrance examinations to scientific and engineering Grandes Ecoles).
1997-1999Student in Ecole Centrale Paris, general course
1999-2000Student in 3rd year in Ecole Centrale Paris, specialisation in Networks and Telecommunications


FrenchMother tongue
EnglishFluent (lived 13 months in the US, working in English daily since 2000)
SpanishBasic notions

Computer skills

Web Technologies
XML, XSL, RDF, (X)HTML, HTTP, CSS, Javascript
Very good knowledge of accessibility issues and solutions
Semantic Web: RDF, Notation3, CWM
Excellent knowledge of Apache
C, C++, PERL, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, Caml, basic notions in Java and Fortran
Operating systems
Linux/Unix; Windows 3.11/95 /NT4

Scholar and professional Experience

  • Study about Djikstra algorithm (shortest path in a graph)
Summer 1998
  • Webmaster of the CLORA (CLub des Organismes de Recherche Associée) in Bruxelles (Belgium) : complete redesigning of the existing site (more than 600 pages)
  • Creation and administration of a web site for a linguistic symposium’s organisation
  • Computer helper for Ecole Centrale Paris' laboratory
  • Creation of voice recognition software as computing project
Summer 1999
  • Creation of an intranet application for Itissalat Al Maghrib, the main Telecom operator in Morocco (programming a HTML interface for a database with PERL) in Rabbat (Morroco)
  • Many computer works for ECP junior firm: Design and creation of a L’Oréal department's intranet, realisation of a financial CD-ROM,…
  • Person in charge for the information system (web, mail, news, …) of 3rd year course
  • Study about power line communications
  • Development in C++/PHP/ASP for SPeeQ, a WAP-specilaized French startup : creation of WAP games, creation of a request server for the MotionBridge project.
  • Webmaster for the World Wide Web consortium, in Cambridge, MA (USA): publication of technical reports, system administration on Linux/Solaris, online-tools development
  • Engineer-expert at the World Wide Web consortium, member of the Quality Assurance Team, the Systems Team and the Communication Team: author and editor of technical documents and tutorials, design and implementation of complex Web applications, using Semantic Web technologies, design and management of enhancements projects for the W3C Web site

Extra-curricular activities

  • President of my University campus wine tasting Club
  • Treasurer and webmaster of my University campus Astronomy Club

Sports and Interests

  • Astronomy
  • Wine tasting
  • Squash